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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Funny?

As a writer we will always face critics. Usually more in our heads than anything, but all the same. I wasn't really sure what to blog about today, but I posted something to Facebook last night that made me smile, and I wanted to share it. Here's the thing: there will always be people who don't like what we do. Whether it be a loved one, or a complete stranger, we have to remember that we write for ourselves. Yes. Only for us. Now, I realize part of being published (or soon to be published) is inviting criticism in, but an even bigger part is to remember who that final product is actually for: you. It's for you. That being said, don't be afraid to take those negative nellies and put them in their place. Privately, of course. Much better than dwelling on the bad.

This review is from: The Texas Millionaire's Runaway Wife (Kindle Edition)
AGAIN AND AGAIN same type greedy lady writer who want...s a millionaire handsome hero to settle with poor beautiful heroin.really fed up with this impossible stereo type stories.

My response would be:

Dear Jay,

I am humbled by your astute review of this book! How Ever did you figure out I was a greedy lady writer? I mean, most of the time I'm able to hide my greediness from readers, but you, oh you, you figured me out. Now, I realize it's probably frustrating reading books where the heroine falls for a millionaire and especially when you don't see it coming. Unfortunately, in this case, I plopped that fact right in the title. This book was written for a series about millionaire's for my publisher and since it's an ongoing series, I felt it best to warn you there are more to come. I would suggest you also avoid such books as: The Millionaire's Baby, The Millionaire's Secret, Triplets for the Millionaire Bachelor, and, Millionaire By Day, as they will all equally offend your sensibilities. Please don't take my response to your thoughtful review wrong. I truly appreciate you buying and reading this book. We in the Greedy Lady Writer Club all rubbed our hands together maliciously when we saw your purchase. Muah ha ha.

Sincerely, Mary Malcolm Duncanson

So here is my challenge today: take something negative and own it. Own the hell out of it. Make it yours. And, if you feel daring, share it on here!

Love, Me

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